Suzuki Strings of Columbus, Mississippi

Suzuki Method Violin and Cello: Beginners to Advanced Ensemble

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Christmas Events!

Don’t forget to check the calendar for all of our busy Christmas schedule, which begins Thursday, Nov. 28, with the Arrival of Santa at Leigh Mall. 10:00 Tuning for groups and orchestra. (Practice, Tuesday Nov. 25 3:00 Groups 1&2, 3:45 Orchestra, 4:50 Ensemble). Wear your red T-shirt and black pants or skirt (or Christmas colors for Group Violins).

Dec. 4 Ensemble 5:30 tuning at Palmer Home, perform 6-8 pm

Dec. 5 Ensemble Wassail Fest at Commercial Dispatch, 4:45 Tuning, play 5-7:30 pm

Dec. 7 Ensemble at Cassie’s church in Caledonia, 4:45 pm, play 5:00-5:45 pm

Dec. 11 Groups and Orchestra Play-In at Trinity Place 4 pm (3:45 tuning, I believe)